Gateway to Langkawi


Have you heard about Langkawi? It is one of the top tourist spots in Malaysia. Feeling lost and needed a good vitamin sea, pack your things and head to Langkawi. Situated with high mountains and long beaches, Langkawi is the perfect destination to release stress and have a bunch of fun. This will intrigue you on what you need to do when you arrive in Langkawi. First and foremost, explore this amazing paradise on Earth on a private resort island, the perfect destination for awaiting an unwinding trip. It is the latest attraction that caught everyone’s eyes to the point this should be on a bucket list to stay in Langkawi at least once in a lifetime. From a spectacular view and wild outdoor activities, this place surely holds un-ending excitement. Situated strategically at Pantai Kok close to Telaga Harbour, Paradise 101 can be reached easily by boat shuttle in less than 30 minutes. Do not forget to play sports in the daytime and have a blast party at night to the fullest.

Next, explore Lagenda Park known as the park of legends. It is a completely beautiful stretch of terrain dedicated to the myths and pre-historic era of the island. It is perfect for people who wanted to spend their afternoon feeding their eyes. You will find seventeen skilful sculptures as well as a map of Langkawi and its 99 surrounding islands on a rock before the entrance of the park. Another touristic spot in Langkawi is the ultimate night market that serves a wonderful experience especially to foreign tourists to try local cuisine. This lively night market is something that you should not miss when stay in Langkawi. Every night is never in same place. The night market in Langkawi is different as it will be open in a different place each night. The famous one would be the markets in Kuah and Pantai Cenang as these are the largest night market in Langkawi. It is recommended to come before sunset and bring your own reusable cup or container to enjoy local cuisine.

The majestic spot in Langkawi is obviously the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls. These stunning natural clear blue waters pouring down the hills, bring all the freshness to the skin. It is located in the northwest corner of the Island and made up of a series of natural pools. Tujuh in English means ‘seven’ which portrayed the seven waterfalls sourcing from one mountain only, Mountain Mag Cincang. Locals believe that this is the land of fairies due to its majestical view and phenomenon. Another place to put in the checklist is snorkelling at Payar Island. These mystical wonders of underwater world will amaze anyone who swim in the blue turquoise water. Being able to dive in the deepest depths of corals nursery is a dream for a diver. Moreover, bonus point is that Payar Island have an abandon shipwrecks and colourful coral fishes. Take a deep dive in the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. If you do not feel like diving or getting into the waters, that is fine as you still can observe the marine life out from the observation chamber.

Looking for quintessential holiday relaxation spot, you definitely cannot miss afternoon sunbathing in Langkawi beaches. We recommend you go to Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah Beach if you love secluded and secluded beach. Astonishing sunset and sunrise views when captured with own eyes and camera is totally different feelings. I bet everyone who have seen the best sunset ever in their life would think it is priceless and wanted to look at the beautiful view every single day. However, it is not always the same. It is still beautiful but in different landscape. It is endless. Thereafter, not to be forgotten, the Black Sand Beach near the Tanjung Rhu beach. It is named after the sand colour of black and white formed through the trickling of a nearby hot spring. Locals said that it is a cursed island from a mermaid that mad at a fisherman who stole her ring. It is a peaceful retreat from the crowded islands. Another stop point is the Kilim Mangrove Forest, one of a great touristic spots in Langkawi to naturally sight symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature. Watching sunset while dining at floating restaurant is the best feeling one has ever had. This place is close to hugging nature and bring it to your pocket. There is more than what meet the eyes in Kilim Forest, the green and wild trees with abundance of habitats is what made it specialty. Kayaking in the calm water while mesmerising the picturesque view of eagles, lizards and macaques would definitely make your heart soar for more.

Pulau Tuba is another island that rare but quite famous in Langkawi. It is island inside the island. It is far from Kuah Town which made all the wild habitats live freely in the island. The quiet village will soothe your anxiety and soul as you take a step exploring what is inside the island. Do not forget to bring binocular when coming to this island as you may spot rare birds. It is cost not more than 5 dollars to go to Pulau Tuba from Kuah Jetty. Another magnificent place is Dayang Bunting, connected just by a bridge, this place has a story to tell. It is translated in English as a pregnant lady. Dayang Bunting was once a home to a beautiful princess named Mambang Sari. She lost her child after only one week the baby was born. To honour her, a lake was dedicated to her, and it is the second largest island of Langkawi. While at Langkawi, make sure to go to Durian Perangin as backpackers and enjoy the view of 14 tier amazing waterfall glides down from the top. Carry its name, this forest has a lot of durian tree which will gives breath-taking sight in rainy weather. If you love durian, this is the must-visited place in Langkawi, situated near the Kilim village.

Have you ever tried parasailing? It is daredevil outdoor activities that makes your heart skip a beat but surely worth the money. It is only 80 MYR or 20 USD per trip, this speedboat will bring you to the core extent you can shout. It takes only one spin of parasailing, and you will forget about the gravity in Earth. The breeze caressing your face is not the same air you breath every day, you will enjoy the beautiful mountain of Langkawi and the coastline. It makes your pulse running and your adrenaline flows rapidly. Last spot that I recommended people who tired of travelling would be Air Hangat or Hot Water in English. It is a beautiful village with multiple hot springs. The salt water was said to have healing properties as it would wash away your aches. This unwinding experience will revive you and the rest of your journey. This place also offers ultimate relaxation.

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