Double the size of the Colosseum, Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s Pangeos terayacht is a floating city.

Proposing a giant floating continent, double the size of the Roman Colosseum, Pierpaolo Lazzarini returns with a new innovative, monumental terayacht concept. The Pangeos watercraft is an itinerant floating city, comprising various hotels, shopping centers, parks, ship and aircraft ports, and all other facilities needed to house up to 60,000 guests in the middle of the sea.

The terayacht proposal takes its name from Pangea, the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. Translating this into a somewhat futuristic expression, Pangeos extends its length for 550 meters (1,800 ft) and measures 610 meters (2,000 ft) at its widest point — the wings. If realized, the turtle-shaped vessel will become the world’s largest structure ever built. 

Pangeos terayacht | all images courtesy Pierpaolo Lazzarini


With 30 meters of draft, Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s gigantic hull is composed of nine different bows and subdivided into several blocks. This starts from the entrance of the port area to the main square, that extends into a wide terraced villa and subsequently leads to private houses, buildings, and rooftop terraces, with an upper ‘shell’ zone that offers landing of various flying vehicles. In the lower space, the design team houses 30,000 cells or cluster compartments and provides an unsinkable floating solution for the basement, which is conceived to be realized mainly in steel. Pangeos also integrates an imagined Terashipyard infrastructure that is 650 meters wide and 600 meters long, providing direct access to the sea.

Pangeos is equipped with 9 HTS engines. Each full electric motor is capable of 16,800 hp and is powered by various in-board energy sources. Pushed from a jet drive transmission, the tera-structure will be able to cruise at a speed of 5 knots. While sailing, the large wings will gain energy from the braking of the waves and Pangeos will cruise perpetually without emissions around the planet Earth seas. Further, the rooftop area is lined with solar panels which provide part of the necessary clean energy to power the terayacht.

solar panels lining the the rooftop generate clean energy for the floating city


While Pangeos is currently an unrealized concept, Pierpaolo Lazzarini hopes it will soon become something more than just a computer animation. To construct the terayacht — the biggest structure ever built on the planet — an estimated $8 Billion will be needed, with a timeline of approximately eight years. The designer has launched a crowdfunding initiative on the page of the Terayacht.

The virtual spaces of the watercraft can also be purchased under an NFT collection, and users will be able to collect certain content and access in the virtual properties with their credentials. The same credentials will also work as a property deposit in case of a real construction.