Cruise Above Or Below Water With A $25 Million Superyacht Submarine

“People that have decided to buy a yacht will now have to consider if their vessel of choice can also dive down to 200 meters,” Bert Houtman, says Chairman and Founder of U-Boat Worx, a Dutch builder that’s revolutionising the world of underwater exploration. U-Boat is best known for its pioneering submarines – including the Nexus and Nemo series and the C-cruiser, said to be the best-selling sub in the world – but its latest concept takes ocean exploration to another depth.

Houtman is referring to the company’s newest design, the Nautilus, a “superyacht submarine” which functions both as a yacht sailing on the ocean’s surface and a submersible diving to the water’s depths.

Yours for a handsome starting price of $25 million, the vessel – currently a concept – is 37.5 meters long and weights 1,250 tons. She’s a hybrid submersible yacht with diesel-electric propulsion which propels her to depths of 200 meters and affords underwater speeds of up to 4 knots and a surface cruising speed of 9 knots.

While most submarines on the market can dive for a number of hours, if built, the Nautilus will be able to stay under water for up to four days. This is, of course, dependent on speed – at cruise speed, the underwater endurance is six hours. If sailed with maximum efficiency, however, this could be game-changing for ocean exploration.

Nautilus superyacht submarine concept

The Nautilus can transition easily above and below the surface, giving flexibility depending on the wishes of the owner and the ocean conditions. An added bonus, Houtman adds, this capability could also combat seasickness. “If the sea becomes too rough, you simply dive and continue your voyage in comfort. With the Nautilus, the yachting market will never be the same again,” he says.

When in boat mode, owners and their guests can soak up the rays on a sizable sundeck which features a freshwater pool, a bar and a dining area – all of which will retract when the submersible yacht dives.

Inside, there’s another dining room and a lounge with four-meter-wide circular windows, giving guests excellent views of the surrounding landscape – and the passing sea life when underwater. Interior layouts are customizable, although the layout suggested in the concept has one generous master bedroom, four staterooms for guests and quarters a galley for six crew members.

If some guests wish to explore below the water while leaving the yacht on the surface, they can jump aboard the separate submersible, pressure-resistant, electric tender (named Aronnax) which can take up to five divers on an underwater adventure.

The concept is inspired by French writer Jules Verne’s 1870 novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, in which three men set out on an ocean expedition and discover incredible deep-sea creatures on board a submarine called, wait for it, the Nautilus.

To bring the Nautilus to life will cost you upwards of $25 million and U-Boat Worx says it can fulfill delivery within 30 months of orders being placed.