Bawah Reserve, your own secluded tropical paradise


Located at the edge of Indonesia’s border with Malaysia and Singapore, south of China Sea, the Anambas archipelago is one of the favourites spots for adventurers. The Anambas Islands are a district in Riau Province, Indonesia. Although the name is not as popular as Bali or Labuan Bajo, Anambas turns out to have an amazing natural charm. The archipelago consists of 255 small islands, most of which are uninhabited. The island’s pristine ecosystems and habitats will take you back to the past 10 centuries. This set of islands was discovered by chance by a British businessman, living in Singapore, a lover of remote places on the China sea. He immediately realized the potential of the place when he found it. Anambas islands is getting more and more famous because of its complete five-star facilities and accommodations. Adds to that, the CNN site named this archipelago as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. The stunning spot in question is Bawah Reserve or also known as Bawah Island. This one of the clusters in the Anambas Islands has extraordinary natural magnificence, especially the underwater world.

The island which has an area of ​​​​approximately 300 hectares has 3 lagoons with clear turquoise water and 13 beaches with soft white sand. The underwater area of ​​Bawah Island is a protected marine conservation area. The amazingly beautiful lagoon, as well as perfect natural scenery, such as the pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area will cater to outdoor adventurers looking to indulge as well as those looking to relax in paradise.  The Bawah Island lagoon is said to have similarities with the one in Bora-Bora, Tahiti. The clean lagoon leads to one of the famous snorkelling and diving spots on Bawah Island. Various marine life, from an array of coral reefs to numerous crustaceans and small fish are sensational in Bawah Reserve underwater.

Even though it is part of Indonesia, Bawah Island has a resort managed by Singapore. A total of 35 resorts are made so that guests can feel the sensation of a real private island. Not only that, the number of visitors is also limited, which is only 70 people for each visit. Therefore, if you want to come here, please book accommodation in advance. To enter this resort area, you need to make a reservation directly on the Bawah Island official website. The reservation team will ask for proof of identity in the form of a scanned passport, then fill in personal data such as age, special allergies, shoe size to prepare for snorkelling or diving equipment. As well as the weight of your carry-on bag for the purposes of the seaplane load limit. Please note that Bawah Reserve limits the luggage load to a maximum of 15kg for each guest.

To support its function as a conservation area, Bawah Reserve is built to protect the island from erosion, destruction of the undersea ecosystem as well as life in the tropical forest covering the islands. Designed by architect Sim Boon Yang and the owners, the resort’s structures are made entirely from bamboo. Although it was built from bamboo, it does not make the resort less luxurious. Bawah Reserves features several suites which are generally cost more than $1,800. Activities such as the use of pesticides, fishing, anchoring, and other interests that endanger the life of marine flora and fauna are clearly prohibited. This allows every guest to enjoy pristine and untouched marine life. Apart from that, to complement marine conservation efforts, a permaculture garden has been built in this area, also a waste recycling program, rainwater harvesting, and a water filtration system. In addition, they use eco-friendly products, electric vessels, and solar energy to support electricity.

To go to Bawah Island, you can start from Tarempa City by taking a pompong or motorboat that will take 7 hours trip. However, if you want to arrive faster, you can use a speedboat with a travel time of only 4 hours. There are many things you can do on Bawah Island, from water sports such as snorkelling, diving, swimming, and canoeing, climbing hills, exploring the surrounding small islands, playing tennis, playing beach volleyball, reading books in the library, enjoying the sunset to taking yoga, pilates, and reiki. At night, you can also do stargazing and night snorkelling with the team from Bawah Reserve. When the sky is clear, you can see the beauty of the milky way in the beautiful sky. One of the highlights of Bawah Reserve is the excellent spa services. The wellness division of Bawah Reserve specifically brings in therapists from various regions in Indonesia after going through a very strict selection process. In addition, the location of Bawah Island, which is far from civilization, does not make you unable to enjoy delicious dishes. Locally grown ingredients are served at the Tree Top restaurant, and the Grouper Bar provides a wide selection of drinks.

Bawah Island is also surrounded by a group of other islands that are no less beautiful in nature, e.g., Tarempa Island, Penjalin Island, Temburun Village, and Durai Island. Each of these islands, has a beauty with its own characteristics. The cost of enjoying the facilities and services on the islands varies, but there is a common concept that is carried out: upholding the preservation of nature and providing jobs and education for local residents of the island. Tarempa Island, located quite remotely from other island groups, is famous with its fine white sandy beach that stretches on the shoreline, as well as a variety of marine life waiting to be explored. Penjalin Island, located in Palmatak District, is the outermost island on the Indonesian border which directly borders Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. One of the spots on Penjalin Island famous for its sunset beauty is Tanjung Momong. Temburun Village, located in South Siantan District – has a very beautiful waterfall because of its position directly facing the open sea. This waterfall has seven levels, and at the top level, you can see the entire panorama that is there, from the lagoon to the various headlands. To get to Temburun Village, all you have to do is take the pompong boat for 30 minutes. Once you get off the boat, you have to walk as far as 200 meters to get to the third level of the waterfall. Then, climb a bit to get to its highest peak. Durai Island is famous for the turtles who regularly come to lay their eggs. The eggs hatch emerging to return to the sea is one of the best moments that you can enjoy while on Durai Island.

Bawah Reserve is pure barefoot, back-to-nature beauty and an unrivalled commitment to education and conservation for locals and guests alike. This is a secluded eco-retreat, perfect for those who want to get away from it all without compromising on luxury. This place is without doubt the most extraordinary resorts you will have ever seen. The people will care for you like family and the island will stay with you long after you have returned home.

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