U-Boat Worx’s NEMO Personal Submarine Begins Volume Production

Dutch company U-Boat Worx has begun volume production of its NEMO 1 (one-seater) and NEMO 2 (two-seater) submersibles, the only private production-built submarines in the world. Measuring just five feet tall, less than eight feet wide, and nine feet long, the miniature NEMO submarines are the lightest manned submersibles available and can be moved around relatively easily to be housed on land, at a boat dock, or on a yacht.

At full charge, the NEMO crafts operate up to eight hours at speeds of 3 knots and can dive up to 100 meters. In-cabin speakers are installed in the transparent domed cockpit and upgrades are available including a robotic arm for catching objects and sonar systems. For safety, a “panic button” fills a small tank at the rear with oxygen, naturally floating the submersibles up to the surface.

“We set out on a mission to introduce safe and effortless access to the underwater world to as many people as possible. With the NEMO pricing revolution, we’re now taking the next step in this journey with the aim of having 1,000 submarines in operation by 2030,” writes U-Boat Worx Founder and Chairman, Bert Houtman.

With volume production,  prices have been reduced by 40 percent, and NEMO 1 and 2 will soon be available for $545,000 and $590,000 USD respectively. More details can be found on the U-Boat Worx website.