Dead dolphins appeared on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast

During the Russian-Ukrainian war, dead dolphins appear in different places on the Black Sea coast, but it is very difficult to assess the full scale of the tragedy, because environmentalists cannot explore the entire coast due to hostilities. Examination of the dead animals showed that there are no traces of nets or cut off tails, which is very significant when dolphins are caught in poacher nets and poachers throw them away, as happened before. Dolphins suffer from the actions of Russian aggressors who have mined part of the Black Sea. The powerful projectiles fired by Russians from surface and submarine boats, as well as the use of military sonars, negatively affect animals. Dolphins fall into the radiation zone of navigational instruments of the Russian ship, which disables the dolphins’ hearing organ. As a result, they cease to perceive echo signals well and navigate in space. The actions of the Russian Nazi navy with the use of sonar lead to a stressful situation and the death of dolphins.

The Russian occupiers cause colossal damage to the ecosystem of Ukraine. The Black Sea coast is on the verge of an ecological disaster due to the war. According to scientists, the population of dolphins and many biological organisms living in the Black Sea and at the mouth of the Danube are under the threat of extinction.